• Establishment of High-tech state-of-art research facilities to carry out research in the field of Biomedical Research.
  • Provide high quality patient care.
  • Attain Self-sufficiency in post graduate medical education and to meet the country’s need for highly qualified medical teachers in identified medical disciplines.
  • To set up clinical diagnostic research centre for executing the high-end clinical diagnostic research procedures.
  • To set up high quality and cost effective Radio diagnosis Research Center with ultra modern equipments.
  • Provide educational facilities for the training of personnel in all important branches of health activity and to undertake basic community based research.
  • Setting up state-of-art Electronic,High-Tech Library information system for aiding medical research and practices.
  • To engage qualified manpower in pharmaceutical research, medical laboratory technology and biomedical product development.
  • Integrate the knowledge base relevant to the biomedical response of humans under various local climatic conditions as well as during infection and quantify the risk levels associated with this knowledgebase.
  • Develop and manage the implementation of an integrated research plan that will develop the required knowledge and technologies (across all biomedical and associated technological disciplines) to enable long-duration identification and prevention of various disease, with special attention to viral diseases
  • Ensure the dissemination of knowledge generated by this program to the scientific community.
  • To set up research & development centre in all areas of medical and allied medical product/service designing for developing high quality cost effective products.
  • To carry out drug discovery based on Kerala’s endemic medicinal plants.
  • Conduct education and public outreach programs consistent with MG University’s mission and public outreach objectives.